101 Best Back Tattoos For Women

101 Best Back Tattoos For Women

Finding the perfect back tattoo for you can prove difficult when it comes to body artwork. Women who are looking for a larger canvas on which to paint intricate and beautiful pieces of art have made back tattoos a very popular option. A tattoo placed on your back is a great option if you are looking to add some feminine flair and style to your female body.

There are many great options for back tattoos that women can choose from, whether you’re looking to create something unique with special meaning or something simple and stylish with an artistic twist.

For a more sensual look, some women prefer to have a tattoo on their lower back with elegant ink. Others may want something that is full and bold. It can be difficult to choose the right placement or artwork among so many options.

We’ve collected some of our favorite back tattoos examples for you to inspire. These back tattoo designs range from cute and feminine to bold and sexy.

Back Tattoos For Women

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    Tattoo Designs for Women: Back Tattoos

    • 1.1 Upper Back Tattoo
    • 1.2 Mid Back Tattoo
    • 1.3 Low Back Tattoo
    • 1.4 Full-Back Tattoo
    • 1.5 Sideback Tattoo
    • 1.6 Meaningful back tattoo
    • 1.7 Unique Back Tattoo
    • 1.8 Sexy Back Tattoo
    • 1.9 Minimal Back Tattoo
    • 1.10 Back Tattoo
    • 1.11 Gorgeous Back Tattoo
    • 1.12 Classy back tattoo
    • 1.13 Shoulder and Back Tattoo
    • 1.14 Neck and Back Tattoo
    • 1.15 Spine tattoo
    • 1.16 Back Tattoo
    • 1.17 Back Tattoo
    • 1.18 Tribal Back tattoo
    • 1.19 Angel Wings Back Tattoo
    • 1.20 Dragon Back tattoo
    • 1.21 Quote Back Tattoo
    • 1.22 Skull Back tattoo
    • 1.23 Lionback Tattoo
    • 1.24 Japanese back tattoo
    • 1.25 Cover-up for Back Tattoo

Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

Upper Back Tattoo

Women who desire a stylish and discreet tattoo that is easy to conceal or display when they are not in use have an option: the upper back tattoo. You can either place small, simple or intricate artwork on the upper back. Wearing your hair down can make your eyes stand out. You could wear an open-back or off-the shoulder top. It is a great canvas to draw attention with bold patterns such as floral art or mandalas, because it’s flat and smooth. You can build your ink up over time if you wish to make a bigger piece. The upper back, which has thicker skin than the rest of your body makes it one of the most comfortable places to have a tattoo.

Upper Back Tattoo Upper Back Tattoo Ideas Cute Upper Back Tattoo Women

Middle Back Tattoo

Because it isn’t visible all the time, a middle-back tattoo lets you be creative and more expressive with your work. Professional women may prefer to have a tattoo at the center of their back. This will minimize the visibility and allow them to conceal the ink when they are not working. This styling is very important. You can either create a mirror image to the sides or cover the entire spine with a larger design. For a more casual look, you can use a large skull to add swagger or incorporate roses, hearts, and butterflies into your artwork. For a more dramatic look, you can use vivid colors and complex lines to spice up your work.

Middle Back Tattoo Cute Middle Back Tattoo Design Middle Back Tattoo Women

Lower Back Tattoo

Lower back tattoos are a traditional feminine design that looks elegant and contours the body. The lower back is a popular place to get a tattoo. There are many creative ideas. Keep your work clean and simple. It is a great place to add angel wings and tribal designs, as well as bold American tradition styling. Personalize your tattoo with a personal quote, or even ink names. This will make it more meaningful. Talk to an expert before you get tattooed to make sure that your intentions are not to be taken too seriously.

Lower Back Tattoo Lower Back Tattoo Women Lower Back Tattoo Design

Full Back Tattoo

Full back tattoos are bold and can make a great choice for those who love cool designs. There are many beautiful full-back tattoo options to choose from, including a fierce dragon or lion and feminine floral art. Be aware that large tattoos can take many sessions, and require pain management. These are some of the most costly back tattoos due to their high level of detail. Full back tattoos have no limitations. You can use beautiful animals, intricate mandalas, or 3D art to fill in the spaces. You won’t regret getting ink if you choose a unique design and collaborate with an artist.

Full Back Tattoo Full Back Tattoo Women Amazing Full Back Tattoo Design Women Classy Full Back Tattoo Design For Women

Sideback Tattoo

Side back tattoos are one of the most common. They allow for vibrant and sensual artwork. A side-back tattoo is a popular choice for women. It can include a quote, a floral design or symbolizing femininity and beauty. This area can be seen often so you want to choose a unique design. A beautiful rose with hearts, vines, and butterflies will help you embrace your feminine side. A crescent moon or guardian angel, or cute bird can make the most of your natural curves. A skull, snake or Chinese dragon is a great choice for a bold look. Wrap your work under your arm, around your front and up to your chest with ink.

Side Back Tattoo Sexy Side Back Tattoo Women Side Back Tattoo Women

Meaningful back tattoo

An important back tattoo is a wonderful way to remember a friend or share your beliefs. A cross or angel wings tattoo may be a symbol of devotion, while initials, words and phrases can represent individuality. A rose running the length of your spine can be used to symbolize love and eternality. A roaring lion tattoo is a great way to express inner strength. This design has many possibilities, but it should be considered carefully.

Meaningful Back Tattoo Meaningful Back Tattoo Women Meaningful Back Tattoo Design For Women

Unique Back Tattoo

You can create an amazing piece of art with a unique back tattoo. For a unique style, you can use meaningful phrases and words. You could also add photorealistic details to make your tattoo stand out. Placement is important as it can affect the shape and size of your design.

Unique Back Tattoo Unique Back Tattoo Women Unique Back Tattoo Design Women

Sexy Back Tattoo

For those looking to show off their style, a sexy tattoo on the back is still a popular trend. For a more seductive appearance, you can have ink run down your spine and across your upper back. You also have the option to create a trailing design across your lower back that runs under your pants. Florals, whimsical designs, intricate mandalas, and lace art are all popular design options. A spine tattoo that features sweeping curves and lines can look seductive and attractive if you wear backless clothes.

Sexy Back Tattoo Sexy Back Tattoo Women Sexy Back Tattoo Design Women Hot Back Tattoo Women Hottest Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

Small Back Tattoo

If you prefer to keep the ink understated, you can get a small tattoo for your back. This allows you to create a stunning and unique design that will make you stand out. Because small designs take less time and are more affordable than larger ones, they can be done quickly. This makes them a great choice for those with low pain tolerance. You can hide the artwork easily by using symbols, initials and hearts to ink onto your skin. Avoid a messy design with too many details. To create an even more striking piece, you can continue to improve your styling.

Small Back Tattoo Small Back Tattoo Women Small Back Tattoo Design Small Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

Back Tattoo

Simple tattoos are a great way to start inking, but you can also create a meaningful design that is both beautiful and memorable. Monochrome ink and bold designs are good choices for minimalist tattoos. This minimizes ink bleeding, and helps keep your design neat. Think carefully about the best way to express your personality through simple shading and linework. If you are working in professional environments, simple tattoos can be applied to any area of your back. However, it is a good idea not to apply them on the upper back.

Simple Back Tattoo Simple Back Tattoo Women Simple Back Tattoo Design Women Simple Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

Beautiful Back Tattoo

Beautiful back tattoos can offer the opportunity for a feminine and cute design. Beautiful back tattoos feature beautiful flowers and dreamcatchers, often in vivid colors. A stunning montage tattoo can be used to represent change and growth. A striking skull and rose tattoo with deep blacks and sultry colors is a bold and eye-catching design.

Beautiful Back Tattoo For Women Beautiful Back Tattoo Women Beautiful Back Tattoo Ideas For Women Beautiful Back Tattoo Design Ideas

Classy back tattoo

For those looking for a timeless and elegant design, a classy back tattoo is able to give them the perfect vibe. A talented artist must do a great job creating an elegant tattoo. You can use the back as a canvas to create intricate mandalas, floral garlands and intricate Chinese dragons. Although the lower back requires more planning to achieve a sophisticated look, it is a good spot for angel wings, moon and stars, mandalas, small suns or phoenix. You should avoid quotes and butterflies in the lower back area. However, it can be beautiful to display meaningful art that does not extend across the whole of your lower back.

Classy Back Tattoo Classy Back Tattoo Women Classy Back Tattoo Designs For Women Classy Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

Shoulder and Back Tattoo

For women who love to show off their tattoos, a back-and-shoulder tattoo can be a feminine and sexy choice. This area works well with darker shading or bright colors because it is fluid. You can use the natural curve of your shoulder to complement floral designs, angel wings, and butterflies, but it is also possible to get imaginative with wild animals, birds, or skulls in order fill this large area.

Back and Shoulder Tattoo Ideas Back and Shoulder Tattoo Back and Shoulder Tattoo For Women Back and Shoulder Tattoo Design Ideas

Neck and Back Tattoo

The classic back-and-neck tattoo draws attention to the beautiful curves of women’s bodies. The neck ink is very visible making it a great choice for women who are rebellious and want to be noticed. You can cover ink at work by choosing a slim design. You can have two tattoos on each side of your body, or you could use trailing spine tattoos which connect to the nape. This ink is a great choice, no matter if you prefer a mandala with dazzling stars or one that has a lot of stars.

Back and Neck Tattoo Back and Neck Tattoo Women Back and Neck Tattoo Ideas For Women

Spine Tattoo

For women who want a simple design but still look attractive, a spine tattoo is an excellent choice. Vertical artwork looks best and makes the most of the long, exaggerated spine. This area of the spine can be used as a canvas to create meaningful words, patterns, stars, and Chinese characters. You should consider your ability to handle pain when you get a tattoo of the spine. This area contains nerve endings that can cause severe discomfort.

Spine Tattoo Spine Tattoo Women Spine Tattoo Design

Flower Back Tattoo

The flower back tattoo, a classic and striking design, will never go out of fashion. Most women love floral artwork because it symbolizes change, growth, transformation, and love. You can add vibrant colors or thorns to make roses stand out. Sunflowers are a great way to represent a vibrant and energetic personality. Combine multiple blooms along the length of your spine to make a stunning statement that will draw attention.

Flower Back Tattoo Flower Back Tattoo Women Flower Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

Cross Back Tattoo

Cross back tattoos can be a great way to show your faith. They also have a sophisticated look that allows you to create a religious design. A simple, monochromatic cross that isn’t too elaborate and decorated with vines or flowers can be a reminder of your faith. Ink a cross that runs the length of your spine and crosses the middle of your back if you aren’t afraid to take chances.

Cross Back Tattoo Cross Back Tattoo Women Cross Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tribal Back tattoo

Tribal back tattoos are a wonderful way to show your heritage with an original and cool design. You can request a tattoo done in American tradition style, which incorporates fierce animals, vibrant flowers and arrowheads, depending on what your culture is. Your artist can recreate intricate geometric lines and patterns that are characteristic of this tribal style if you are Maori. Your ink can help you connect to your heritage and culture with the right approach.

Tribal Back Tattoo Tribal Back Tattoo Women Tribal Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

Angel Wings Back Tattoo

A back tattoo with angel wings is a great way to express your independence and newfound freedom. This design looks great on the back because of the natural movement in the scapulae. It’s not a subtle tattoo, as many designs include the whole back. This creates a stunning look. To conceal something more easily, limit your art to the lower part of your back. You have plenty of space so you can experiment with shading and depth to make a striking contrast between the different parts. For a feminine touch, place small angel wings at the top of your wing.

Angel Wings Back Tattoo Cute Angel Wings Back Tattoo Women Guardian Angel Wings Back Tattoo

Dragon Back Tattoo

Dragon back tattoos can be unique, edgy designs that demand attention. They are a symbol of strength, intelligence, passion and determination. You can make your artwork more casual with delicate shading and lines, or bold and focused if it is done in photo-realistic Japanese and Chinese styles. A tattoo may be more appealing to women with paler skin if they are inked with green, blue, or red ink. You don’t have to be shy about standing out. Choose striking body art that spans the whole surface of your back.

Dragon Back Tattoo Dragon Back Tattoo Ideas For Women Dragon Back Tattoo Design Ideas For Women

Quote Back Tattoo

Quote back tattoos are a great way to keep your favourite words and phrases close by. You can ink these words on your body, whether you are a believer in an old philosophy or a favorite movie line. If you are able to tolerate pain, you may be able to ink a whole passage on your spine or lower back. A delicate phrase placed across the upper or rib cage of your back will look effortlessly elegant and chic.

Quote Back Tattoo Quote Back Tattoo Women Quote Back Tattoo Ideas

Skull Back Tattoo

The skull back tattoo is a bold design that exudes confidence and strength. The skull is a powerful symbol that represents death’s inevitable, but it can also be a sign of bravery and fearlessness. For a subtler approach, you could also tattoo a single skull in your lower or mid back. This powerful image is best when it’s all over the back. You can be creative with your design by using geometric patterns and feminine art such as butterflies. You can be bold and add flames, snakes and daggers to your body art if you are feeling rebellious.

Skull Back Tattoo Cool Skull Back Tattoo

Lion Back Tattoo

A lion’s back tattoo represents strength, family, courage, and leadership. The lion tattoo, also known as the King of Jungle is a great option for females who wish to remember their strength and beauty. This majestic beast can be portrayed on the back, which allows for you to include detail in its mane and face without making it too busy. A fierce lioness tattoo can be a feminine take on the lion art. You could also add vibrant colors and some flowers to it. As the heart of pride, the lioness is a symbol for motherhood and power.

Lion Back Tattoo Lion Back Tattoo Ideas For Women Lion Back Tattoo Women

Japanese Back Tattoo

When done correctly, a Japanese back tattoo can be a bold statement piece. Irezumi is the traditional Japanese method for tattooing. It involves intricate linework, clearly identifiable subjects, and bold colors. This type of design is often very personal, and includes koi fishes, cherries blossoms, masks as well as powerful beasts and other age-old symbols. This style is great for the back because of the huge surface that allows your artist to have plenty of space.

Japanese Back Tattoo Japanese Back Tattoo Ideas For Women Japanese Back Tattoo Women

Back Tattoo Cover Up

If you have any damaged body tattoos, a back tattoo covering may be required. You can easily transform your upper and mid-back tattoos to unique designs that cover the whole back. You can work together with your artist and create a design that suits your personality, but is still dark enough to hide your existing artwork. You can’t cover existing tattoos and make them larger.

Back Tattoo Cover-Up Back Tattoo Cover-Up Women Back Tattoo Cover-Up Ideas For Women Back Tattoo Cover Up Design Ideas For Women

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