150 The Best Shoulder Tattoos for Women

150 The Best Shoulder Tattoos for Women

A shoulder tattoo can be a stylish and elegant choice for those who desire a classy, cute look. You can show your ink off or hide it with bold, beautiful shoulder tattoos. These stunning shoulder tattoo designs are elegant, unique and chic. They will compliment the feminine form.

There are many great options for shoulder tattoos that women can choose from, whether you prefer flowers or an aggressive lioness.

For a delicate design, some women might want to have a tattoo on their shoulder like a rose, butterfly or star. Others may prefer ink that covers the entire arm and starts at the front.

It can be difficult to choose the right artwork among so many beautiful and meaningful feminine designs.

We’ve collected some of our favorite shoulder tattoo ideas for women to inspire you. These stunning options of shoulder tattoos for women range from simple and elegant to sophisticated.

Shoulder Tattoos For Women

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    The Shoulder Tattoos for Women

    • 1.1 Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.2 Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.3 Shoulder blade tattoo
    • 1.4 Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.5 Small Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.6 Shoulder Chosen Tattoo
    • 1.7 Simple Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.8 Shoulderarm Tattoo
    • 1.9 Top Of Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.10 Shoulder-Sleeve Tattoo
    • 1.11 Classy Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.12 Sexy Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.13 Feminine Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.14 Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.15 Bear Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.16 Bear Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.17 Lion Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.18 Skull Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.19 Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.20 Bird Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.21 Rose Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.22 Quote Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.23 Compass Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.24 Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.25 Dreamcatcher Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.26 Eagle Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.27 Angel Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.28 Tribal Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.29 Celtic Shoulder tattoo
    • 1.30 Gemetric Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.31 Star Shoulder Tattoo
    • 1.32 Spiritual Shoulder Tattoo
  • 2 Most Popular Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women

Shoulder Tattoo

For women looking for a sexy, elegant design, the front shoulder tattoo is an attractive option. The perfect spot for simple art, meaningful words or complex pieces that extend across the upper chest and collarbone is the front shoulder. In the summer show your art by sporting off-the shoulder clothing and summer dresses with long sleeves. The front shoulder is a sensitive and bony spot that can hold delicate inks such as floral designs, mandalas, and feathers.

Front Shoulder Tattoo Front Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women Front Shoulder Tattoo Designs Front Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women Front Shoulder Tattoo For Women Classy Front Shoulder Tattoo Cute Front Shoulder Tattoo

Back Shoulder tattoo

You can be imaginative with your back shoulder tattoo. It is cute and attractive. There are many options for designs when tattooing the back of the shoulder. It is easy to conceal at work so it’s a good choice for women who are new or have strict dress code. The placement of ink can make a difference as to the artwork’s size and shape. One image can be placed on only one side, or you could have matching ink on each side. Or choose to go bold with an expansive color that runs from the shoulders to your upper back. Matching angel wings can be feminine or bold and different.

Back Shoulder Tattoo Back Shoulder Tattoo Designs Back Shoulder Tattoo For Women Back Shoulder Tattoos Cute Back Shoulder Tattoo Classy Back Shoulder Tattoo Feminine Back Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder Blade Tattoo

The shoulder blade tattoo, a beautiful feminine design that covers the entire back and is subtle enough to be covered when necessary, looks stunning. You have many options for cute designs. This placement is very popular with women. You may be able to reduce the pain by having a smaller tattoo. For those with a high pain tolerance, birds and detailed flower art are options. A dreamcatcher is a great way to get ideas you can continue building on.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo Shoulder Blade Tattoo Designs Shoulder Blade Tattoo For Women Shoulder Blade Tattoo Ideas For Women

Flower Shoulder Tattoo

You can create a feminine shoulder tattoo that is unique and colorful by incorporating different themes, colors and flowers. You have plenty of space on your shoulder to create beautiful, feminine designs that feature flowers and butterflies with lioness or sweet roses. There are many meanings to flowers. Orange blossoms have the ability to express love, passion and purity, while orange blossoms can be used for innocence and purity, while lilies and orchids represent beauty and elegance. To make your tattoos more interesting, you can add vines, leaves, or thorns to your ink, regardless of the flower that you pick. You can create colorful artwork by considering the symbolic meaning behind each flower color.

Flower Shoulder Tattoo Classy Flower Shoulder Tattoo Flower Shoulder Tattoo Designs Flower Shoulder Tattoo For Women Flower Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women Flower Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women

Small Shoulder Tattoo

For women looking for a feminine and cute design, a small shoulder tattoo can be a great choice. If you are working in professional environments, small tattoos can be hidden easily. You can also create something delicate to fit perfectly around your collarbone or edge. This area is naturally feminine because of its natural curves and the surrounding bones. Choose an image, initials, or small phrase to inspire you.

Small Shoulder Tattoo Small Shoulder Tattoo For Women Small Shoulder Tattoo Designs Small Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women Small Shoulder Tattoo Ideas Small Female Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder Chest TATTOO

Shoulder chest tattoos are a great choice for those who desire a bold statement piece. There are many options available, from beautiful floral designs that look feminine to photorealistic lions moving across your shoulders. A tattoo of the chest and shoulder will require multiple sessions due to the amount of detail needed. You’ll have beautiful ink for many years if you are willing to bear the pain.

Shoulder Chest Tattoo Shoulder Chest Tattoos Shoulder Chest Tattoo For Women Cute Shoulder Chest Tattoo Shoulder Chest Tattoo Ideas Shoulder Chest Tattoo Designs Shoulder Chest Tattoo Designs For Women

Simple Shoulder tattoo

For women looking to get into ink easily, a simple shoulder tattoo can be a stylish and elegant option. Minimal tattoos usually have simple artwork, such as one image that has limited color or an outline of a design. Simple and small shoulder tattoos are cute and meaningful. Make sure you choose a strong symbol like a quote, heart, elephant or butterfly.

Simple Shoulder Tattoo Simple Shoulder Tattoo Designs Simple Shoulder Tattoo For Women Cute Simple Shoulder Tattoo For Women Simple Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women

Shoulder Arm Tattoo

Women who are open to trying larger tattoos on their arms continue to love the shoulder-arm tattoo. You can have simple art that runs down your arm but this is a great place to showcase intricate inks like vines and wings, flowers or tribal artwork. To represent inner strength, you can experiment with wild animals and a collection of butterflies. A styling that features lots of curves is a good choice if you wear often sleeveless clothes.

Shoulder Arm Tattoo Cute Shoulder Arm Tattoo Beautiful Shoulder Arm Tattoo Stylish Shoulder Arm Tattoo

Top of Shoulder Tattoo

If you are looking to make the most of your natural neck contours, traps, and collarbones then a top-of-the-shoulder tattoo can be a great choice. While small designs such as hearts and crescent moons are affordable and beautiful, larger mandalas with floral ink and sprawling mandalas make an impact. A beautiful way to mark a significant moment in your own life is by placing a cursive quote along your shoulders. You can create unique artwork with vivid colors and bold lines by using ink.

Top of Shoulder Tattoo Top of Shoulder Tattoo For Women Top of Shoulder Tattoo Designs Top of Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder-Sleeve Tattoo

The shoulder sleeve is an easy design to combine multiple images for a trendy and cool result. You can choose a single theme or combine several images to create an eclectic look. It all depends on what you like. Half sleeves allow you to pick a centerpiece and then spiral outwards with meaningful quotes, roses or butterflies without having to cover your whole arm in ink. A full-length sleeve is preferred by many women. They can be built up as needed. You can keep it simple with ink lines and a minimalist look or be bold with color ink.

Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo For Women Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Women Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo Designs Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Women

Elegant Shoulder Tattoo

Although a shoulder tattoo is not the same for everyone, it will be elegant and delicate. You have many options for design choices, including flowers, lacework, and Mandalas. Keep your ink elegant and feminine by using strong black ink. Have your artist lightly drape your body art across the shoulder. For a sophisticated and elegant look, this style can be paired with strapless tops and camisoles.

Classy Shoulder Tattoo Classy Shoulder Tattoo Designs Classy Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women Classy Female Shoulder Tattoo Classy Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Sexy Shoulder Tattoo

Because of the naturally occurring curves and dips in this region, a sexy shoulder tattoo can be achieved easily. It all comes down to individual taste. However, delicate floral designs make body art attractive. You can create large, intricate pieces that include feathers, lattices, shading, and even flowers if you don’t like blooms. Women who work professionally or like to keep it simple will find that delicate angel wings, hearts, or small bouquets near their collarbones can instantly increase their sex appeal.

Sexy Shoulder Tattoo Sexy Shoulder Tattoo For Women Sexy Shoulder Tattoo Ideas Sexy Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Feminine Shoulder tattoo

The feminine shoulder tattoo will last a lifetime. It is elegant and sophisticated, making it a timeless design. You can show your femininity by using artwork that depicts womanhood, such as flowers, hearts, or a beautiful crescent moon. This is believed to represent a woman’s monthly cycle. Keep your piece light and delicate by using smooth shading. For a natural-alluring appearance, you’ll need a charming design at the collarbone and scapula.

Feminine Shoulder Tattoo Feminine Shoulder Tattoo Designs Feminine Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women Feminine Shoulder Tattoos Feminine Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

For women looking for a beautiful and sophisticated way to ink their upper bodies, a butterfly shoulder tattoo can be a great choice. The cute, feminine appearance of butterflies can be used to symbolize personal growth, transformation and hope. While some women prefer cool, creative colors against their skin to stand out from the crowd, others might be drawn to the Monarch butterflies’ powerful symbolism. This style is popular for its simplicity, but you have the option to make it more striking with bolder designs that stretch from your scapula to your front.

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo For Women Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women

Dragon Shoulder tattoo

You will be noticed by everyone if you have a dragon shoulder tattoo. The mythical dragon is central to Eastern culture and often associated with intelligence, strength and prosperity. Chinese women can find inspiration in ancient artwork that depicts a dragon holding a pearl. Others may choose to use brighter colors such as blue, green, red or bronze to enhance their designs. This styling is best placed on the rear of the deltoid. However, it looks great snaking across the front of your chest from the shoulder for an elegant, yet fearsome appearance.

Dragon Shoulder Tattoo Dragon Shoulder Tattoo Designs Dragon Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Tiger Shoulder Tattoo

For women looking to express their wild side and adaptability, a tiger shoulder tattoo is a great choice. Although these beautiful animals are associated with wisdom and independence, they are also known for being powerful predators. The shoulder is a great place to get imaginative with ink. It allows you to create intricate pieces that include curved stripes and vibrant colors. To express your character strength, you can coil a quote around an image of a Tiger.

Tiger Shoulder Tattoo Tiger Shoulder Tattoo For Women Tiger Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women

Lion Shoulder Tattoo

The lion shoulder tattoo makes a bold statement and combines powerful imagery with strong symbolism. It instantly grabs the attention. The lion is a formidable predator and symbol of courage and loyalty. You can pick a small or cute piece of artwork, but this majestic animal should shine through with detailed shading and lots of space. This stunning tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to draw the entire animal’s head or just one side of it.

Lion Shoulder Tattoo Lion Shoulder Tattoo Designs Lion Shoulder Tattoos For Women Lioness Shoulder Tattoo

Skull Shoulder Tattoo

The skull shoulder tattoo allows you to harness the energy of both positive and negative energies in your life. A skull tattoo could represent courage, death and mortality. It also symbolises the unavoidable nature of death and the ideal balance between good or evil. This versatile artwork is a great way to turn your life around. It can be darkly disturbing for women who are spooky or gothic, and can even have an optimistic meaning. This design works best for the deltoids because of its spooky shape. You can make a huge and powerful tattoo by adding roses, thorns, and daggers. Carry it along the bicep, and then around the scapula.

Skull Shoulder Tattoo Skull Shoulder Tattoo Ideas For Women Skull Shoulder Tattoos For Women Skull Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Shoulder Tattoo

The clock shoulder tattoo can be a symbol of everything, from death to eternal love. Clock tattoos remind us that time is never ending and to take advantage of every moment. This design is a circular shape that can be placed perfectly on the shoulders or in a collage on either the front or back of the neck. A woman may choose to have a style that represents a special time in her life such as the birth, marriage, or death of a family member. You can add vibrant and shading to enhance the artwork’s depth.

Clock Shoulder Tattoo Clock Shoulder Tattoo Designs Clock Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Bird Shoulder Tattoo

For women looking for a symbol of freedom and independence, a bird shoulder tattoo can be a great choice. Although you can use any type of bird for eye-catching inks, it is worth researching the symbolism thoroughly before making the decision. To symbolize wisdom and calm confidence, owls are often paired with swallows. Two interlocking Swans can be used to symbolize eternal love and devotion, which is a wonderful way to immortalize your relationship. You have two options when it comes to placing your body art. One can be large and cover the entire shoulder, or you can conceal the design with a simple and subtle one.

Bird Shoulder Tattoo Bird Shoulder Tattoo For Women Bird Shoulder Tattoo Designs Cute Bird Shoulder Tattoo

Rose Shoulder tattoo

The rose shoulder tattoo looks elegantly feminine and sophisticated. The simple rose design is stunning, however, it can be enhanced with color, shading, and detail. For a stylish and chic look, a rose design will look great when paired with a simple sleeveless shirt. To emphasize the natural curves of your shoulders, you can have your artwork made small or large. You can add winding vines or thorns to your artwork if you feel daring. This beautiful flower, which is said to symbolize eternal love, beauty, and purity, makes a great choice for passionate, outspoken women.

Rose Shoulder Tattoo For Women Rose Shoulder Tattoo Rose Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women Rose Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Quote Shoulder tattoo

The quote shoulder tattoo is stylish and combines personality with class. The most beautiful quote tattoos include simple cursive fonts and small images. You can also snake the quotes along your neck, collarbone, or front for an unusual look. For a more solid look, most women use black ink. However, you can choose to add a distinctive touch to your art by using colored inks.

Quote Shoulder Tattoo Quote Shoulder Tattoo Ideas Quote Shoulder Tattoo For Women Meaningful Quote Shoulder Tattoo Cute Quote Shoulder Tattoo Quote Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Compass Shoulder tattoo

You can get a compass tattoo on your shoulder. It’s a bright and bold design that incorporates color. A compass symbol is one that can be used to indicate a strong sense or direction and willingness to travel. It also represents the belief that your life is on track. Women who love to travel will find a daring tattoo of the compass on their shoulder a great choice. It can be a reminder that you must stay true to yourself and your morals. It is possible to add dates, coordinates and times that you find meaningful. This artwork can be used to commemorate a memorable adventure or start a new chapter of your life.

Compass Shoulder Tattoo Compass Shoulder Tattoo Designs Compass Shoulder Tattoo For Women Compass Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women

Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Cross shoulder tattoos are a very popular choice for those who want to show their devotion to God or the Christian faith. Crosses are a symbol of Jesus’ unconditional love and his great sacrifice. You can interpret this image in many ways. It can be used in bold ink, tucked near the collarbone, or a subtle piece at the shoulder. You can dial it up by adding a verse number or doves to your cross, as well as a quote.

Cross Shoulder Tattoo Cross Shoulder Tattoo For Women Cross Shoulder Tattoo Designs Cross Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women

Dreamcatcher Shoulder Tattoo

The dreamcatcher shoulder tattoo, a striking design that is deeply rooted in Native American culture, can be admired. Dreamcatchers have been proven to repel bad thoughts and keep away nightmares. They also represent protection and security, as well as the power to overcome negativity. You can create a spiral design with beads, feathers or webbing by using the intricate lines of a dreamcatcher. You can design something simple and small, but you will still be able to make this talisman stand out with large-scale styling that covers your arm and chest.

Dreamcatcher Shoulder Tattoo Dreamcatcher Shoulder Tattoo For Women Dreamcatcher Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women Cute Dreamcatcher Shoulder Tattoo

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

A striking shoulder tattoo of an eagle is sure to stand out. This is a wonderful choice for those who wish to show their patriotism. However, this magnificent creature represents courage, freedom and adventure. For a sophisticated and elegant look, choose a larger piece that has outstretched wings. Or keep it simple with small cute details that can be concealed under clothing. For a bold and powerful look, wrap the bird’s body around your bulk and cross the wings over your chest.

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo Eagle Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Angel Shoulder tattoo

A shoulder tattoo of an angel is profoundly meaningful. It can be used to represent everything from spirituality and loved ones that have died. This design looks great with backless gowns and the back of your shoulder is an ideal spot. An angel figure is a symbol of your religious faith. You may want to embellish your style with crosses, psalms and doves to emphasize your points. Non-religious ladies may wish to make a guardian angel for their family, friends, or loved ones.

Angel Shoulder Tattoo Angel Shoulder Tattoo For Women Angel Shoulder Tattoo Ideas Angel Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

Tribal shoulder tattoos are a great way to honor your culture and look impressive when done properly. Tribal designs are based on traditional Maori, Polynesian, and Native American tribal cultures. They feature bold symbols, stark lines, and images of animals or plants. These artworks rely on bold patterns and strong lines to bring out the best. You can have large or small artwork, but it is best to get a long, sprawling one that extends from the back to the shoulders, up to the top of your neck and down to the bottom of the arm. Be sure to thoroughly research the ink before you send it to an artist. You don’t want cultural appropriation to be accused.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Designs Cute Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Tribal Shoulder Tattoo For Women

Celtic Shoulder tattoo

Celtic shoulder tattoos are a wonderful way to honour your heritage with beautiful knots and interwoven designs. This unique tattoo is not necessarily for Celts. However, it can be very rewarding to do extensive research about the meaning of your chosen design before you commit to wearing it. A Celtic knot, which is a symbol of human relationships with the natural world, looks amazing on the shoulder. Two interlocking triskeles, which represent hope and love, may be a nice tribute to your partner or mother.

Celtic Shoulder Tattoo Celtic Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Women Cute Celtic Shoulder Tattoos For Women

Geometric Shoulder tattoo

Geometric shoulder tattoos look elegant and classy on the skin. The intricate linework makes them appear futuristic or otherworldly. These tattoos, which are characterized by exact lines and shapes make them ideal for those who appreciate clean and symmetrical designs. Geometric patterns are not only beautiful but also represent intelligence and balance.

Geometric Shoulder Tattoo Cool Geometric Shoulder Tattoo Geometric Shoulder Tattoo Designs Geometric Shoulder Tattoos For Women Cute Geometric Shoulder Tattoo

Star Shoulder TATTOO

Star shoulder tattoos are versatile designs that never go out-of-fashion. For young ladies who need to navigate through their lives, stars can be a symbol of guiding light. These beautiful symbols may be seen as angels protecting them and helping them to achieve their goals. You can choose one star below your collarbone, or a group of several stars. Star shapes are feminine by nature. For a stylish result, you can change the size, color, and shape of your stars to add dimension and depth.

Star Shoulder Tattoo Star Shoulder Tattoos For Women Star Shoulder Tattoo Ideas Star Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Interfaith Shoulder Tattoo

If you are struggling to find your way in life, a religious shoulder tattoo is a great option. They can also provide support and comfort. If you wish to honor your faith, there are many options, such as rosary beads or quotes from Scripture. Even if you are not a Christian, you can still use symbols and deities to help you lead a morally upright life. Because the shoulder area is large enough to allow you to add detail or realistic elements, religious ink can be used there. Small tattoos with minimal shading can be a great alternative if you want to keep your tribute subtle.

Religious Shoulder Tattoo Religious Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Most Popular Shoulder Tattoos for Women

Flower, butterfly, cross, dragon, angel, lioness, and mandala are the most common shoulder tattoos for ladies. This collection of meaningful tattoos can be cute and feminine and represent love, passion and purity. They also symbolize wisdom, power, courage, good luck, strength and wisdom. The shoulder is a great place to put ink, whether you want something simple or more complex.

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