50 of the Best French Hairstyles

50 of the Best French Hairstyles

French hairstyles are a popular choice for those who desire a chic and cute look. French haircuts are known for their natural, messy styling. This creates a feminine and low-maintenance look that is easy to style. These trendy styles are easy to pair with different lengths and types of hair, as French women love to keep their natural texture.

There are many great Parisian trends to choose from, whether you’re looking to change your style or simply want to try new styles. For a sophisticated and elegant look, some French women prefer long, sleek hairstyles like bangs. Others favor a bob or short pixie cut for an easy, classic style. It can be difficult to choose the best French style because there are so many options.

We’ve collected some examples of French hairstyles that will inspire you. These stylish French hairstyles can be worn short or long.

French Hairstyles

Table of Contents

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    French Haircut Styles

    • 1.1 Layered Long Hair With Fringe
    • 1.2 The Classic Bob
    • 1.3 French bob
    • 1.4 Medium-Length Shaggy Hair
    • 1.5 Curly hair
    • 1.6 Afro
    • 1.7 Wispy Bangs
    • 1.8 Part II with Curtain Bangs
    • 1.9 Curly Bob
    • 1.10 Natural Hair
    • 1.11 Sleek Short Bob
    • 1.12 1 Length with Bangs
    • 1.13 Wavy Long Hair
    • 1.14 Bowl with Short Bangs
    • 1.15 The Messy Pixie
    • 1.16 side braids
    • 1.17 Lower Bun
    • 1.18 Part
    • 1.19 Blonde Blunt Cut
    • 1.20 Side Swept
    • 1.21 Casual Update
  • 2 French Popular Haircuts for Women

French Haircut Styles

Layered Long Hair with Fringe

A fringe adds dimension and shape to your face and draws attention to your eyes with long layers of hair. The long, layered style can be stylishly done with a part in the middle or casually with bangs. For a cute, textured look, you will want to style your hair with a matte product. You can create a Parisian style by adding subtle waves to your hair and leaving the fringe unstyled.

Long Layered Hair with Fringe Long Layered Hair with Bangs

Classic Bob

A classic bob hairstyle is very popular and versatile. Many women believe that a short haircut limits their styling options. However, you can style your bob in many different ways. You can curl, pin straighten, or pin it back to achieve various styles. The French cut is typically straight to the jawline. Some women might want side bangs, or full fringes to complement their individuality.

French Classic Bob Classic Bob

French Bob

French bobs are a cropped version of the classic chin length style. They feature a short cut and texture. The elegant French bob is easy to style. It can be worn with loose waves or tangled for casual look. For a more full look, a longer fringe or textured style can be paired with this short and messy hairstyle. This bob is light, airy and young. Women with thick hair might consider cutting back on the weight to keep hair from falling too much against their faces.

French Bob French Girl Bob

Medium-Length Shaggy Hair

A casually elegant look, medium length shaggy hair complements French fashion perfectly. This timeless style is more difficult to maintain, but it can be framed your face with layers or give you a trendy finish. Use a leave in conditioner to prevent hair looking too heavy or weighed down. It’s great for naturally curly hair, as this style gives it a trendy and cool look.

Shaggy Medium Length Hair Shaggy Medium Length Hairstyle

Unruly Hair

For women who love their hair naturally curly, messy curls can work well. You can recreate this hairstyle on naturally curly hair by using defining creams or gels, but you can also air dry your hair. For perfect curls and to avoid frizz, use moisturizing shampoos before conditioning your hair with a leave-in conditioner. For the most glamorous look, you can use a large-barrel curling iron and wide-toothed hair comb if your natural curls aren’t possible.

Messy Curly Hair Messy Curly Hair Bob with Bangs


For black women looking for a natural, low-maintenance look that complements their skin texture, a short afro can be a great choice. If you are looking to move away from the protective look and let your hair breathe, this elegant style is a good choice. Rich oils are a great way to maintain lustrous fros. This style is short and easy to change up. You can either shave your hair close or do a tight shave for a low-maintenance look.

Short Afro French Short Afro

Wispy Bangs

For women looking for a simple, yet fashionable style that is both bohemian and trendy in Paris, a long bob with wavy bangs is very popular. The cute style looks great with thicker hair. This adds volume and texture to your hair. These wavy bangs balance the volume of the hair, and make the style feminine and cute. You can curl your hair with a curling iron for women without natural hair texture. However, sea salt sprays or light scrunching are great options to recreate that beachy feel of the French Riviera.

Long Bob with Wispy Bangs Lob with Bangs

Part of the Middle with Curtain Bangs

Although it can be tricky to achieve a middle section with curtain bangs, this can look great on those who have symmetrical features. A bedhead with a soft, rounded appearance will be achieved by twirling the curtains. Women with smaller faces can look more sophisticated if they have a straighter style. You can style classic curtain bangs to be elegant or casual, which makes them one of today’s most popular fringes. While sweeping curtain bangs look great, you can also trim the fringe shorter to contour your cheekbones.

Middle Part with Curtain Bangs Center Part with Curtain Bangs

Cute Curlybob

A cute and feminine curly bob looks great on naturally curly hair. The cut can be worn down for a younger look, or let loose to create a relaxed and casual appearance. This style is most well-liked by women, who can choose from a French bob or longer hairstyles. You can add curls to your hair with styling tools. For a more relaxed style, you can run your fingers around the curls. For frizz-free hair, let your hair air dry and then apply an anti-frizz cream to all the ends.

Cute Curly Bob Curly Bob

Natural Hair

For French women looking to love their natural hair, natural hair is a popular choice. A wide range of natural hairstyles are available, from braids and twists to a fro. They offer simplicity and elegance with minimal styling. There are many styles you can use to create a natural style, no matter how long or short your hair is. You can curl your hair naturally with moisturizing shampoos, mousses or defining creams.

Natural Hair Afro Textured Natural Hair

Sleek long Bob

This style is flattering for all face types and can be styled in a sleek, long bob. Avoid this cut if you have round faces. The harsh lines and blunt structure could make your face look wider. This style can be used to lengthen the face if it is cut lower than the jawline. A good smoothing serum is essential to maintain a sleek, straight bob. This will help keep frizz away. For a French-inspired look, pair your bob with slim trousers and a stylish blazer.

Stylish Sleek Long Bob French Hairstyle Sleek Long Bob

With Bangs

You will look elegant and sophisticated if your hair is combed straight with bangs. To complement the uniform look, most Parisian women have a straight hairstyle. But you also have options for side- or curtain bangs. You don’t need to do much with your hair, but it is important that you visit the salon frequently in order to maintain your bangs.

One Length with Bangs One Length with Bangs Style

Wavy hair

Women with shoulder-length, wavy hair can achieve a timeless look. It is easy to style up and down. French women don’t mind displaying a wild and messy style for boho chic. You can also wear accessories to make your hair look more modern or you can keep it straight with a headband. Layered bangs will bring your hair back to the heights of the 70s and 60s.

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair Shoulder Length Wavy Hairstyle

Bowl Cut With Short Bangs

This style is great for trend-setters that want to be different. However, the bowl cut with shorter bangs can prove difficult to keep in place. You can either style the bowl with shine spray to give it a sleek look or you can do it messy with dry shampoo and volumizing mousse. For a modern, trendy look, add subtle highlights to your hair. Layers can be added for an unfinished finish.

Bowl Cut with Short Bangs Bowl Haircut with Short Fringe

Messy Pixie

This messy pixie uses natural texture and layers of choppy hair to achieve a modern look. To style your hair, dry it with a towel until it is damp. Then add movement and lift to the ends using clay or light styling products. Do not over-stylize your hair. Keep the volume at the roots and lightly comb the ends. Pair your hair with an interesting outfit to make it stand out. Or, wear an elegant gown to create contrast.

Messy Pixie Stylish Shaggy Pixie Cut

Side Braids

Side braids look elegant and feminine, making them a great choice for every day wear. For upscale events you can have your hair done in a tight, sleek style. However, French women prefer to keep their hair loosely braided for an effortless cool look. You have two options: you can either part your hair in the middle and make two straight braids starting at your roots, or you can choose to wear a single braid over your shoulders. This style can be used on freshly washed hair to prevent stray hairs from escaping your side braids.

French Side Braids Side Braids

Low Bun

Low buns are a great way to style your hair in casual, fashionable ways that show off your best features. For a French-inspired twist on this gorgeous hairstyle, add waterfall braids to the crown. For a professional, elegant look at the office, you can create a middle part by gently slicing the hair down to the nape. You can create beachy waves with your hair, and keep your bun down low to the scalp.

Low Bun Chic Low Bun

Side Section

The delicate side part is an excellent choice for all face shapes and will compliment your bone structure. For a timeless French style, create layers in your hair and blend them into your surrounding hair. Parisian women tend to wear their hair loosely, so texture is key in creating an elegant, trendy and modern look.

Side Part French Side Part

Blonde Blunt Cut

The blonde blunt haircut is bold and elegant, but easy to maintain. This style isn’t layered so it looks fresh and clean on all hair lengths. You can style your classic blunt cut hair one-length. However, you could make it softer by moving your ends inwards and incorporating a side part. For a uniform style, try a bright platinum color and a blunt fringe.

Blonde Blunt Cut Blonde Blunt Style

Side Swept Style

Side-swept hairstyles are fashionable for French women with straight or curly hair. You can add a romantic touch to your hair by pulling your hair over one side. Side sweeping creates the appearance of thicker hair. Layers can add dimension and depth to fine and thin strands. Add a French braid or loose French braid to the side sweep for a bohemian look.

Side Swept Style Side Swept Hairstyle

Casual Updo

An easy and effortless way to express classic French elegance is to do a casual updo. It can be used on both thin or thick hair and gives fine hair a lot of body and depth. For volume, you can style your hair by teasing your crown. Then, you can pile your hair up on the back by twisting it and attaching with hair elastics or a clip. To create a casual, effortless look, you can keep your hair down and pull out some strands from the front.

Casual Updo Style Casual Updo

Top French Haircuts for Women

There are many popular French hairstyles that women love, including the classic bob and medium-length styles with bangs. This trendy style is timeless and chic and can be used with any hair length, texture, and type. These stunning French-inspired styles will suit any hair type, whether it’s straight, curly, or thick.