65 of the Best Skeleton Tattoos

65 of the Best Skeleton Tattoos (1)

Skeleton tattoos are a great option for those who desire cool, intimidating ink and a giddy look. Because they’re bold, visible and expressive, skeleton tattoos make an impact on your hand and can communicate a lot of meaning.

Many stunning designs of skeleton tattoos can be used to represent strength, death, transformation, and mortality. They are symbols to encourage people to live their best lives and overcome any adversity.

For a bold and real look, some men prefer the skull tattoo on their hands. Others might like a skeleton outline with bones at the fingertips for a more modern finish. You can enhance your design by pairing your tattoos with roses, compasses, spiders, faces, hearts, dark shading, and a skeleton outline.

We’ve collected some of our favorite skeleton tattoos to inspire you. These skeleton hand tattoos range from simple to complex. We have cool ideas!

Skeleton Hand Tattoo

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    Designs for Skeleton Hand Tattoos

    • 1.1 Skull Hand tattoo
    • 1.2 Realistic skeleton hand tattoo
    • 1.3 Skeleton Hand Tattoo
    • 1.4 Hand Tattoo with Skeleton Bone
    • 1.5 Skeleton Tattoo Outline
    • 1.6 Small skeleton Hand Tattoo
    • 1.7 Hand Tattoo with Simple Skeleton
    • 1.8 Hand Skeleton Tattoo
    • 1.9 Skull Face tattoo on the hand
    • 1.10 Traditional skeleton hand tattoo
    • 1.11 Meaningful skeleton hand tattoo
    • 1.12 Skeleton Hand Tattoo
    • 1.13 Rose Skeleton Tattoo on Hand
    • 1.14 Skull Hand tattoo with Snake and Flower
    • 1.15 Day of the Dead Hand tattoo
    • 1.16 Skeleton Heart Tattoo
    • 1.17 Skeleton hand holding rose tattoo
    • 1.18 Snake Skeleton Hand Tattoo
    • 1.19 Hand Tattoo
  • 2 Hand Tattoo Meaning

Skeleton Hand tattoo Designs

Skull Hand tattoo

For anyone looking for a flexible option, a skull tattoo on the hand is one of our most loved designs. You can make this artwork small for ladies or big for men who are looking to stand out by inking their hands. It is well-known as the symbol for life and death. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to represent the fragility of human life. You can add a feminine touch to your work by adding flowers, hearts, or butterflies. Ask your artist to include lots of contrast shading and color to enhance the depth and dimension of your work.

Skull Hand Tattoo Cool Skull Hand Tattoo Skull Hand Tattoo Designs Badass Skull Hand Tattoo Ideas Cool Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs

Skeleton Hand Tattoo

It can be difficult to get a realistic skeleton tattoo on your hand, but it is quite beautiful. It is important to attract attention with realistic artwork. Ink bone tattoos will make you stand out from the crowd. You can spice up the ink by adding imagery that is meaningful to you. Add a snake with its teeth showing or blood running down your hands for something bold and scary. Roses with thorns can be added to show a more feminine side. Because realistic tattoos require more detail, they are typically more costly than simple ones. This adds to the time required in the chair. As your tattoo artist works on your hand’s thin skin, and bone structure, you will need to clean your teeth.

Realistic Skeleton Hand Tattoo Realistic Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs Cool Realistic Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs

Skeleton Face Tattoo

Anyone who is looking for a unique and attractive piece of ink can get a skeleton-face hand tattoo. You can be creative and incorporate your own face in the design. Your realistic designs will need to be enhanced with shading and highlights. It can be very attractive to add vibrant blue ink for striking eyes, or to draw attention towards the lips with red ink. You want to give the artist plenty of space. Choose a piece that extends from the wrist down to the fingers.

Skeleton Face Hand Tattoo Skeleton Face Hand Tattoo Designs Cool Skeleton Face Hand Tattoo Designs

Skeleton Bone Hand tattoo

A bone tattoo on the hand is bold and can be a striking statement piece. The tattoo that highlights the bones of your hand may be either realistically edgy, or playful and fun. It can take a lot of time to tattoo all your bones on your hand. However, it will show your strength and tolerance. This symbolic tattoo, which is very intense, can be used to represent your willingness or fearlessness in facing death.

Skeleton Bone Hand Tattoo Skeleton Bone Hand Tattoo Designs Cool Skeleton Bone Hand Tattoo Designs Cool Skeleton Bone Hand Tattoo

Skeleton Hand tattoo Outline

An interesting option is a skeleton-hand tattoo outline. It immediately grabs the attention. For a subtler design you could choose to use delicate lines. However, strong black ink can make the artwork stand out and detail every bone. If you aren’t interested in committing to large pieces, you can keep the outline at your fingertips. This tattoo can be difficult to hide and is naturally noticeable so it’s not suitable for professionals.

Cool Skeleton Hand Tattoo Outline Designs Skeleton Hand Tattoo Outline Designs Simple Skeleton Hand Tattoo Outline Skeleton Hand Tattoo Outline

Small Skeleton Tattoo

A small, skeleton-shaped hand tattoo is great for those who like to keep ink simple and creative. It is easier to afford small artwork and it’s also less painful. This ink is great for first-timers and professionals. Tiny designs can easily be concealed. Keep your art clean and simple to avoid it looking messy or bleeding.

Small Skeleton Hand Tattoo Small Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs Cool Small Skeleton Hand Tattoo Design

Hand Tattoo

Simple skeleton tattoos are simple artwork that shows ink does not have to be complicated to make a statement. Because they are quick and painless, simple designs can work well for those who don’t have the time or desire to sit in a chair. You can either choose monochromatic inks or one vibrant color depending on what you like. This will reflect your unique style. A complete skeleton can be impressive, however you have the option to use skulls and single bones. Simple designs are best when neatly drawn and shaded.

Simple Skeleton Hand Tattoo Simple Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs Simple Skeleton Hand Tattoo Ideas

Skeleton Mouth Tattoo

Skeleton hand tattoos are a unique look. They combine intense shading and spooky imagery to create a striking look. To create a disturbing illusion, your skull mouth tattoo should match the size of your jaw and face. Your artwork can be placed horizontally or vertically. However, vertical designs look more natural and allow you to stretch the piece further. This style can be used for almost any purpose, but Suicide Squad fan’s love it is especially popular because it was worn by Joker in his 2016 smash film.

Skeleton Mouth Hand Tattoo Skeleton Mouth Hand Tattoo Designs Cool Skeleton Mouth Hand Tattoo

Skull Face tattoo on the hand

The skull tattoo is a striking style for those with strong personalities. You can focus only on one part of your face or you could ink the entire skull. To create a detailed piece that is more precise, you can focus only on the skull’s top and then stop just before the top jaw. This will allow for dimension and shading. This design is likely to require extensive detailing so choose carefully your artist.

Skull Face Tattoo on the Hand Awesome Skull Face Tattoo on the Hand Designs Badass Skull Face Tattoo on the Hand Cool Skull Face Tattoo on the Hand Designs

Skeleton-Hand Tattoo

Because of its bold colors and unique style, the traditional skeleton tattoo on hands is growing in popularity. Although a large skull may be intimidating and draw the eyes, you can play with ink. You can add tropical imagery, animals, or flowers to your style. To warn others about your temperament, past, or fiery nature, you can add a drip dagger.

Traditional Skeleton Hand Tattoo Traditional Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs Traditional Skeleton Hand Tattoo Artwork Traditional Skull Hand Tattoo Skeleton Hand Tattoo For Men

Meaningful Skeleton Hand tattoo

An important skeleton tattoo on the hand can represent your philosophy, honoring family members or paying tribute to someone you love. A skeleton tattoo can be a powerful way to elevate your art. Many people prefer to keep their hand designs simple and with hidden meaning. For a bold finish, try a wide-ranging style that covers your hand’s front, palm, and fingers. You can also outline your bones and add flowers or hearts between the knuckles if you are willing to suffer more pain.

Meaningful Skeleton Hand Tattoo Meaningful Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs Meaningful Skeleton Hand Tattoo Artwork

3D Skeleton Tattoo

A popular 3D Skeleton Hand Tattoo is strikingly cool. It takes time and effort to get this design. Your artist will have to make a piece of art that is realistic, well-shaded, and jumps off your skin. 3D tattoos are more difficult to do because they require a lot of time. Use contrast in your 3D tattoos with photorealistic shading and black/white ink to achieve the best results.

3D Skeleton Hand Tattoo 3D Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs Cool 3D Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Rose Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Rose skeleton tattoos are elegant and can be as detailed or simple as you like. This style is most well-known. It features a realistic outline of your finger bones with a large flower across the palm. You can experiment with bigger artwork by incorporating multiple roses in a collage. This will reach the knuckles, before the bones protrude towards your fingertips. You can use pastels or delicate linework to make this trendy tattoo more feminine. You can also dial up your masculinity by using strong lines and deep reds.

Rose Skeleton Hand Tattoo Cool Rose Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs Rose Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs Awesome Rose Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs

Skull Hand tattoo with a snake and a flower

The skull tattoo is an elegant option, combining symbols of beauty and cunning with flowers and a snake. You have the freedom to make a playful and edgy piece with this cool design. Heavy shading is best for this artwork. You can keep the roses delicate while having the snake sensually wrapped around your skull to make it look chic. For a masculine look, have your artist ink a snake that has bared teeth or a rose with bloody thorns.

Skull Hand Tattoo with Snake and Flower

Day of the Dead Hand Tattoo

Mexican-Americans with Mexican roots will love a Day of the Dead tattoo. They can experiment with shading and color to make a stunning design. Bright marigolds are a common Day of the Dead decoration. These bright colors are believed to aid in the transfer of the spirits of the deceased to the present. Other popular images such as skulls, crosses, hearts and roses can be used in your design. You can also model the skull yourself or your family member and add meaningful symbols to the face.

Day of the Dead Hand Tattoo Day of the Dead Hand Tattoo Designs Day of the Dead Hand Tattoo Piece

Skeleton Heart Tattoo

An elegant way to show eternal love is to have a skeleton holding a tattoo of a heart. While you have the option to make your art more elaborate by using delicate vines and flowers, it is also possible to keep it simple and use a hand outline with a cartoon heart. For a more intricate design ask your tattooist for a photorealistic version of the heart. This will allow you to use red and blue tones to give dimension. To create ink on your hand, you will need to leave enough space. This is something that should be considered before you start creating your work.

Skeleton Hand Holding Heart Tattoo Skeleton Hand Holding Heart Tattoo Designs

Handholding Rose Tattoo

A skeleton holding a rose tattoo is a great way to make a feminine and sexy design. These roses are often associated with pleasure and pain, and complement well the dark imagery of skeletons. It can also be taken to mean flirting with death or inability to see the true color of someone else’s skin. This tattoo is often done by people who have ended a relationship. It shows their courage and willingness to face the unknown. While small styles can be effective, it is best to use a larger style that covers the entire hand. This allows you to see detail and colors.

Skeleton Hand Holding Rose Tattoo Skeleton Hand Holding Rose Tattoo Designs Cool Skeleton Hand Holding Rose Tattoo

Snake Skeleton Hand tattoo

The snake skeleton tattoo can be a bold and powerful design to complement an aggressive personality. The skull and snake are both symbols of spiritual destruction and physical death. While snakes do not always have negative connotations they can look quite menacing when strung around skulls or through the eyes to create a frightening image of decay. This ink could also be used to convey a person’s resilience and ability to find beauty in the midst of adversity. You can use tons of shading or detail to make your art look more stylized and attractive.

Snake Skeleton Hand Tattoo Snake Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs Cool Snake Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs

Skeleton Hand Tattoo

The clock skeleton tattoo on the hand is a unique opportunity for artists to make a stunning piece of art that represents our short time here on Earth. Skeletons are often associated with destruction and death, but they can also be used to symbolize the joy of living and comforting oneself in their final days. You can personalize your clock by adding a time that marks a pivotal moment in your life, or the death of someone you love.

Clock Skeleton Hand Tattoo Clock Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs Cool Clock Skeleton Hand Tattoo Designs

Skeleton Hand tattoo Meaning

The skeleton tattoo on the hand is symbolic of death, courage, fearlessness and a tribute to loved ones. Skulls and skulls can be used to represent transformation, the ability to live life fully, as well as the power to resist evil.

Your tattoo can have a new meaning if you include other elements. The symbolism of hope, renewal and change can be represented by a skeleton holding a rose. The beauty of a butterfly and the possibility for change can be represented by a heart. A snake provides protection against the evil things that are happening in the world.